Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tech and Teaching Practices

The Daily Genius "Periodic Table of Education Technology" divides up technology into useful categories. It helps me to think about how to use technology in ways that align with my beliefs about teaching and learning. 

For example, in Sodium's location, the periodic table of Education Technology has Em or Edmodo. I use some of Edmodo's features to share information and resources with graduate students, with an online book group, and as a data collection resource for performance indicators (PIs) for my students. Edmodo features customizable assessments for many reading and writing performance indicators. I can select which PIs at what grade level. 

In the spot traditionally reserved for Ti (Titanium), this table has KA...Khan Academy...beloved by my homeroom math whizzes! 

It's helpful to me to have a one-stop resource for ideas for social networks, online learning, multi-media, and classroom technology, to think about dragging my bookworm self into the tech-rich lives of my students. 

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