Friday, November 17, 2017

Power Outlining

Power Outlining is a simplified form of outlining. 

I teach it so that every "power 1" is a new paragraph. 

The rules are: vertical alignment of "powers" is a must and the higher the "power," the smaller or more specific the detail. 

My observations of student use so far: 
  1. vertical alignment is VERY hard for some kids--but a visual organizing/thinking tool, so very important.
  2. they are still sorting out the idea of how to place a smaller piece of information with its larger component, so their 3s and 4s are sometimes out of place. This could be indicative of a flaw in my teaching, (who knew?!), some confused student thinking/organizing, or simply still an emergent grasp of the idea of outlining.
  3. So far, fingers-crossed, this is really helping many students settle into writing paragraphs with supporting details.

Power Outline for Movies

1. Comedy
     2. Uncle Buck                       So you can see here that all the 2s are movies,
          3. John Candy                 all the 3s are something or someone about the
               4. Canadian               movie, and in this particular sample, all the 4s 
     2. Caddy Shack                    are me helpfully pointing out Canadian actors. 
          3. Bill Murray                          :-)
               4. Canadian
     2. Airplane
          3. Leslie Neilsen
               4. Canadian

1. Classic Black and White
     2. Casablanca
     2. It's a Wonderful Life
          3. Jimmy Stewart
          3. Donna Reed
          3. Karolyn Grimes (Zuzu)
               4. still alive!
     2. All About Eve
          3. Bette Davis
               4. Academy Award 1935 Dangerous
               4. Academy Award 1938 Jezebel
                    5. Nominee Margaret Sullavan
                    5. Nominee Norma Shearer
                    5. Nominee Wendy Hiller
                    5. Nominee Fay Bainter

1. Romantic Comedy
     2. Sleepless in Seattle
     2. You've Got Mail                So by now, we've got 3 nice little paragraphs 
          3. Tom Hanks                 all outlined and ready to go. 
          3. Meg Ryan
     2. When Harry Met Sally
          3. Meg Ryan
          3. Billy Crystal

Here's an Academic Version...
Our Question: Why does Steinbeck design George the way he does?
I'm trying to emphasize that EVERYTHING the kids write is to answer the question...focus focus focus...

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